Laser Treatment

Laser Dentistry in Tucson

At the dental office of Frank Son, DDS, we use the most advanced dental technology to make sure that you get the most effective treatment possible. Our dental staff is highly trained in laser dentistry, giving you and your loved ones a safer alternative to conventional surgical procedures and dental treatments.

What Are Dental Lasers?

If you’ve ever wondered what a laser is, you should know an interesting fact: laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser device used in dentistry has the ability to produce a very concentrated beam of light that can remove soft or hard tissues from the mouth. Lasers are safer than more conventional methods of performing removal of tissues due to their predictability and efficiency when used correctly.

What Are Lasers Used For?

There are many uses for lasers in dentistry, allowing dentists all over the nation to perform treatment with the most advanced technology available. Lasers can be used during any of the following procedures:

  • Removal of tissue from wisdom teeth
  • Reshaping tissues in the gum that have become overgrown
  • Reshaping or removing bone during crown lengthening
  • Removing inflamed tissue in the gums
  • Removing restrictions to the movement of the tongue or lips
  • Acceleration of teeth whitening treatments
  • Reduce discomfort from canker & cold sores
  • Removal or preparation of enamel

Are Lasers Safe?

Lasers sold in the United States are safe and approved by the FDA. Your dentist is a trained professional that know exactly how to handle laser devices efficiently for their specific purpose. With laser treatment, your dentist can address issues and ensure that your procedure is safe and effective. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist about any training they may have had with lasers to ensure that your treatment is administered by an experienced professional.

If your dentist offers laser treatment options in their office, be sure to ask questions and get information about how lasers can enhance your dental care and improve the safety and success of your oral procedures. To speak with a dental professional near you, contact the practice of Frank Son, DDS to schedule an appointment.