Wisdom Teeth Extraction -When Need to Remove, Surgery, After Treatment Care

Wisdom Teeth Extraction -When Need to Remove, Surgery, After Treatment Care

People often say that everything has some advantages and some disadvantages but this theory proves to be wrong in case of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth only come with problems and there are no such benefits associated with it that the dentists can come up with. If you ask them about a solution for the wisdom teeth, then dentists would suggest you get them extracted. There are lots of cases when you need to remove wisdom teeth, as mentioned below:

  • One of the most important aspects of this is a pain. Pain is so severe that you might not even be able to handle it and are in constant need of painkillers
  • Sometimes behind the wisdom teeth, some food gets trapped and because of that, it creates problems like cavities. It also increases the chances of gum infection or other similar problems
  • Wisdom teeth can also change the alignment of the surrounding teeth in order to make space for themselves
  • It can also create a situation where it damages your nearby tooth or the surrounding bone

How to get rid of this?

People often want to get rid of this problem and one of the best solutions for this is wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical process but surgery is neither complicated nor too serious. The process works in this way-

First of all, Lowell Tucson Dentist takes the x-ray of your teeth and then understand the complexity of the situation. It is very important to know what is the exact condition of the teeth. They then provide you anaesthesia so that you do not feel any kind of pain during the extraction of the teeth.

The dentist makes a cut to expose the gum bone and tooth. Then s/he removes the block of bone which gives them access to the roots of the teeth and after that, they break the teeth in multiple pieces so that it becomes easy to remove. Later, the dentist cleans the area and stitches the gum and thus, the process ends.

What are the things you need to keep in mind?

Once done with the wisdom teeth removal, there are lots of things you need to take care of. Following you will find some of the important tips which you need to keep in mind-

Bleeding: There are high chances that in the initial one or two days you will face bleeding but that is normal and you don’t need to worry about it much. You should try not to spit a lot because it can create a situation of dislodging of a blood clot, which is a harmful situation. In case you are having lots of blood coming out from your extracted tooth area then you can contact the tooth extraction Tucson, AZ.

Pain Management: It is very important to manage the pain because in the initial few days you will feel pain. One thing which everyone does is take over-the-counter painkiller medicines. If you do not take time then there can be situations when you feel a lot of pain. You can also use an ice pack which helps you to get relief from the pain.

Food and Beverages: One of the most important things is what type of food you eat and drink. First 24 hours are very important. At this time you cannot eat hard-to-chew food items and also need to avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, caffeine, other hot beverages and so on. First 24 hour you can eat soft food types like yogurt and then for a week you can eat semi-soft food items. Try to avoid all the spices and prefer simple, home-made food.

Cleaning your teeth: The first time that you get to clean your teeth without harming them in any possible way is after 24 hrs of the treatment. First 24 hours you can only use mouthwash and even after that, you need to brush very carefully and gently. Also make sure that you rinse your mouth with lukewarm, salty water after every meal.

Wisdom teeth are one of the most painful experiences that you might have to face and once it is removed then you can get rid of the pain. You just need to make sure that you get checkup at the right time so that it does not harm other teeth. For more detail you can contact Dentist Near you or Frank Son DDS. They have expertise in dealing with these kinds of situations and can provide you with proper guidance regarding the same.