Dental Fillings

Tucson Dental, Tooth & Cavity fillings

Most people in Tucson are going to need a dental filling during their life. This filling is going to help restore one (or more) teeth that have become damaged due to decay. It’s going to help repair the structure of the tooth so you can continue to chew your food properly and speak correctly.

Getting the Procedure:

You might be having a regular checkup with your dentist at Frank Son DDS in Tucson when you realize that you’re going to need to have a tooth filled. You might also have made an appointment specifically because you’re suffering from the symptoms of potential tooth decay. Some of these symptoms can be sensitivity, holes in the tooth, or a severe toothache.

Once Frank Son DDS has realized that you have a cavity, you’re going to be given a local anesthetic. The purpose of this is to make sure your mouth is numb. After that, the dentist will start removing any decay from the infected tooth. After the decay is gone, he will fill the space with whatever material you pick out.

Choosing the Material:

There are different types of materials that you can get a filling created from. Frank Son DDS is going to help you choose the right one depending on different factors: where you need the filling, how much damage has been done, if you have an allergy, and what you’ve budgeted for the procedure.

Amalgam Fillings

An affordable and durable option is amalgam. While once the most popular choice, they have become less used in the present due to their silver color. They can still be used for teeth that aren’t visible.

Composite Fillings

Another affordable option is composite filling. These will match the rest of your teeth. This makes them a very popular alternative. They work well for cavities that are smaller.

Porcelain Fillings

Just like composite fillings, porcelain fillings are tooth-colored. They will last longer than the composite options and are also stain-resistant. However, this makes them a more expensive option. It also takes two trips to the dentist to receive this filling. That’s because it is created in a lab and then directly bonded to your tooth.

Gold Fillings

There are also gold fillings available at most dentists. They are the strongest option that you can get and will last upwards of twenty years. They are not the most popular option, though, and this is because of the high price tag. Just like porcelain fillings, they are crafted in a lab and then the dentist will bond it to your tooth.