Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Tucson

White teeth are a sign of a healthy smile. Besides that, it looks more attractive and makes you look younger and friendlier. It’s no surprise, then, that teeth whitening treatments are some of the most popular ones in cosmetic dentistry. You’ve probably seen teeth whitening products in the store, whether they are toothpastes, gels, or mouth rinses. These can be somewhat effective, but for the most dramatic results and the safest application, a professional whitening treatment is the best option. You can find this treatment at Frank Son, DDS in Tucson, AZ.

Why do teeth look yellow?

There are several factors that can affect the appearance of your smile. Diet plays a big part as tooth-staining substances such as coffee, tea, and wine can eventually take a toll on the surface of the teeth. Personal habits like smoking can also greatly affect how white your teeth look. And even if you avoid both of these factors, natural aging can lead to yellow teeth, as the white enamel layer wears away over time to reveal more of the yellow dentin layer underneath.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening treatments utilize an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. Professional whitening treatments contain a higher concentration of this ingredient than over-the-counter products, enabling them to produce more dramatic results. The hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel to break up stains below the surface, making them less visible and letting the whiteness of the teeth shine through.


The teeth whitening procedure is a quick and simple one, usually taking less than an hour at Frank Son, DDS. A protective gel will first be applied to your gums to protect them from irritation. The teeth whitening solution will then be applied to the teeth and activated with a whitening light. This process will be repeated two or three times more to complete the treatment. You will be able to see and enjoy your results immediately, going home with a smile several shades whiter than before. You will receive an at-home whitening kit in order to maintain your results after you leave our office in Tucson.

Enjoy a brighter smile with a teeth whitening treatment at Frank Son, DDS in Tucson.