Digital X-Rays

Digital Dental X-Ray in Tucson

Have you ever wondered how your dentist manages to find every little problem in your teeth and treat it effectively before it becomes worse? The professionals at the office of Frank Son, DDS, don’t just use their eyes to spot problems – we use digital x-ray. Digital x-ray technology is advanced, designed to make spotting dental problems easier, faster, and more accurate. They’re safe and can detect problems that are not visible on the surface of teeth, such as decay inside the root canal.

Advanced Dental Technology

Traditional x-ray technology takes much longer to get an accurate picture of the mouth and may need to be done several times before seeing the entire picture of what’s going on in your mouth. Digital x-rays have changed that, making x-rays more detailed and fast as well as improving comfort for the patient. Your dentist will be able to get an entirely accurate account of your teeth, gums, and the surrounding tissues in the mouth.

Is Getting an X-Ray Safe?

X-rays expose the body to radiation, but there’s no need to worry about that. Digital x-ray technology has reduced the amount of radiation significantly, making it much safer to get x-rays done in the dental office. Your overall and dental health will be preserved for years to come, so have no fear of the x-ray machine.

How Often Will My Dentist X-Ray My Mouth?

Your dentist will likely give you a full x-ray examination on your first visit and at biannual visits if it is needed. There are no set guidelines on how many x-rays your dentist may recommend, as this depends on your dental issues and how often the mouth must be examined during your treatment plan. Digital x-rays are fast, and images are sent straight to our computer, so you can get quick results and spend less time in the dental chair.

Digital x-rays have made it easier and more efficient to diagnose oral health issues without the need for several x-rays. To learn more about our x-ray technology and how it helps us maintain your oral health, visit our office or give us a call to schedule an appointment.