The Benefits of Routine Teeth Cleaning

The Benefits of Routine Teeth Cleaning

Although it’s common to assume that anything containing the word “routine” can’t possibly be all that important, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to the importance of teeth cleaning from a professional dentist. That’s right. Even the most rigorous at-home care cannot even come close to the deep cleaning that a Tucson dentist can provide.

Are You Ready to Learn About the Benefits?

The benefits of teeth cleaning in Tucson are far and wide. They range anywhere from preventing tooth decay and cavities to avoiding gum disease and improving your overall health! And if you suffer from stained or discolored teeth, teeth whitening in Tucson can be a part of your dental treatment. Other benefits include improving the freshness of your breath by removing tartar build-up, and saving money on restorative dentistry since teeth cleaning will allow problems to be diagnosed early – which means less costly treatment plans.

What to Expect at Your Dental Exam Prior to Your Cleaning

When you visit a Tucson dentist near you like Frank Son, DDS, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Your dentist will check for signs of cavities and for the development of gingivitis in your gums such as inflammation or tissue loss. Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease, so by catching it early, as we’ve mentioned above, it can be more effectively treated to avoid the risk of needing a tooth extraction.

What to Expect at Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

A dental hygienist will remove traces of plaque and tartar from your teeth by using specialized dental instruments. The process is typically pain-free, but if you experience dental anxiety, you may want to let your dentist know ahead of your visit so special arrangements can be made. After the initial tartar removal, your hygienist will use a high-powered electric toothbrush and special toothpaste to clean your teeth more thoroughly than anything you could do on your own at home. The cleaning usually ends with an expert flossing – including tips to improve your own flossing habits at home!

Take the Next Step to Claim the Full Benefit of Teeth Cleaning

It’s true that brushing and flossing at home are effective for keeping your teeth clean and healthy, but regular professional teethth cleanings at Frank Son, DDS will help to remove the remaining traces of harmful plaque and tartar that could otherwise affect the lifetime of your smile!