How You Can Save Your Teeth with Lasers

How You Can Save Your Teeth with Lasers

There are many patients fighting against the effects of gum disease, which can cause several issues with oral health. To manage the disease, intervention from a dental professional is required. The dental experts at Frank Son, DDS provide patients with laser treatment in Tucson, improving the health of smiles and keeping them from developing the disease in the future. The treatments done by your dentist are successful thanks to laser dentistry, which has many benefits.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Dental laser therapy is precise – so precise that it can be used to target infected tissue in the mouth while keeping healthy tissues intact. Lasers used in our clinic are calibrated to prevent healthy tissues from being affected by the laser. Laser therapy is also painless, with very few patients needing anesthetics during procedures. If you’d like to learn more about how laser treatment could benefit your teeth, call our office or visit us to schedule an appointment and speak with a dental expert.

The Steps of Treating Gum Disease

To effectively treat gum disease, your dentist will need to use several different techniques and methods to improve your oral health. The damaged tissues will need to recover in between treatments, so you can expect to visit your dentist more often than usual while treatment is taking place.

You’ll need to get periodontal cleanings regularly so that your dentist can prevent infections from returning and inspect the gums. Lasers may be used to remove the infected tissues when there is a relapse, and the disease worsens. If the gums have receded, or if any restorative dental work needs to be done, laser teeth treatment may be recommended.

Schedule an Appointment in Our Office

If you notice any abnormalities with your teeth or gums, or if you have been diagnosed with gum disease, visit Frank Son, DDS to learn more about your oral health and how you can improve it. Patients in Tucson can schedule an appointment by phone or by visiting our office and speaking with a dental professional in our clinic.