Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary For Everyone?

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary For Everyone?

Is it necessary to have wisdom teeth removed if they are properly positioned in the mouth and not causing any dental problems or pain? Your Tucson dentist may recommend having them removed if they are impacted on are causing crowding in your teeth. Wisdom teeth may erupt in two ways. Some may erupt like regular teeth and the other may be impacted.

Wisdom teeth that are impacted are prevented from growing properly. They remain beneath the surface of your gum line and are positioned horizontally rather than standing upright as they are supposed to do because there is insufficient room for them to grow. At times, they can sprout sideways towards other teeth. Having an impacted wisdom tooth that is sprouting slightly can be difficult because it can be an area for plaque and bacteria to accumulate. This is undesirable because it would promote the development of cavities while also causing larger infections to affect your overall health.

What If They Have Grown Inwards And Do Not Cause Any Trouble?

If you have wisdom teeth that have grown inwards you should consider talking to the dentist near me to understand the actions you can take in this situation. The decision about whether you want to have them removed or leave them in place is entirely at your discretion. If they are not causing any crowding or pain you can leave them alone but tooth extraction Tucson will suggest they be removed because they are difficult to clean and susceptible to cavities. When wisdom teeth develop cavities making it difficult for you to clean them because of their location. Filling the cavities will not be an option because additional cavities will continue to develop. Moreover, an impacted wisdom tooth can collide with the roots of your molars causing you extreme pain. Additionally, while the impacted wisdom tooth is attempting to erupt it can wear down the adjacent teeth leading to dental issues of different types. In such cases, it is recommended that you contact a dentist for advice on the actions you can take to avoid complications. The best option for you to avoid this problem would be to have the wisdom teeth removed altogether.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

No precise age has been set for wisdom teeth removal. This is because people get their wisdom teeth at different ages starting from their teens and right until adulthood. However, if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed it would be beneficial to complete the procedure at a younger age because the healing process will be faster. If you are not sure about when they should be removed it is recommended that you visit wisdom teeth removal Tucson AZ for a proper examination of the tooth and a treatment plan. However, if you are in your 40s with all your wisdom teeth without any complications it may not be required to have them removed. Talking to the dentist in wisdom tooth removal in Tucson AZ should give you the advice needed to make an informed decision.

Is the Procedure Painful?

The procedure should not be painful because you would be administered anesthesia. You will feel some pressure during the procedure but not any pain. In any case, you can let your dentist know about any pain you may feel because it will give him or her an indication that the area is not fully numb. However different variables need to be considered for every patient because some people may require partial wisdom tooth extraction. Therefore, it is suggested that you research wisdom tooth removal surgery beforehand and prepare yourselves with questions for your dentist.

What Can You Expect after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

If you are having a wisdom tooth removed it is important for you to understand you will face some difficulties eating after the extraction. The dentist conducting the procedure will recommend that you have the following foods until the discomfort has disappeared completely. The foods recommended are the following:

Pudding, smoothies, mashed potatoes, soup, yogurt, scrambled eggs, milkshakes, applesauce, Jell-O, milk, and protein shakes.

The discomfort from wisdom tooth extraction should subside soon and you will be in a position to have your regular foods without difficulties having finally got over the concern of having the procedure out of your mind.